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Influx Sport

The smart gateway for youth athletes to college

We train athletes in all areas for their successful journey to the best college.
Academic tutors - join our platform and support these athletes.

Are you                        in the market?
Join Influx to expand your tutoring
business and develop your expertise
as an academic counselor!
Help preparation for athletes in grade 6-8
Offer academic help for elite high school admission;
PSAT prep; high school admission test.
Test prep for high school athletes
Provide tutoring for PSAT, SAT, ACT preparation to
high school athletes.
Subject tutoring for high school athletes
Help Influx athletes master their academic courses and
succeed in AP classes.

Why Influx Sport

Elite sports and fitness training
Academic tutoring and college counselling
Health management - nutrition, sleep and more
Financial planning and portfolio budgeting for college

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