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Financial advisors: are you seeking new clients for your wealth management business?
Influx Sport engages parents of college bound Influx Athletes to use personalized financial services for college planning and portfolio management. By joining the Influx Sport platform, you can provide these services and gain new clients in a lifelong portfolio relationship.
Provide these services to qualified families seeking portfolio management :
Educate parents on college budgeting using the Influx Financial college cost calculator.
Design personalized portfolios including college savings programs.
Deliver investment advice tailored to each Influx Athlete family's risk tolerance.
Develop relationships with elite athletes for their long term financial portfolio management.

Join the Influx Sport platform and start expanding your wealth
management client base now.

Why Influx Sport

Elite sports and fitness training
Academic tutoring and college counselling
Health management - nutrition, sleep and more
Financial planning and portfolio budgeting for college

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