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Why Join Influx?

Perform at the highest level. Prepare for college. Plan for the future. 360 degrees. We got you.

We provide to highschool students and youth athletes and their parents a complete athletic, academic, and financial ecosystem, empowering them in their paths to college and beyond.

Influx | ˈinˌfləks |


in constant state of change; ever-changing.

Come win with us.

How Influx works for you

Your traits, your stats, your goals

Your Traits

Your biomechanical features, strengths, and weaknesses.

Your Stats

In game performance, personal achievement.

Your Goals

Optimized fitness, on field success, financial strategy.

Our Ecosystem

Our strength lies in our ability to identify baseline weaknesses in athletes of all levels and supply the resources in one place to maximize their success in each area of their journey through school. By studying your abilities and preparing you for competitive performance, whether on the playing field, in the classroom, or at the dinner table, we will guide you to optimize your prep on game day, on your college path, and on your road to financial success.

Gym Technology

Fitness Training – Optimizing In-Game Performance

Want to increase your hops, run a faster 40, and get out of the batter’s box in a flash? Our app tracks every training session you do and validates training techniques through specialized assessments every month or season, and motivates you to excel by matching your performance improvement using NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS combine tests. You also track your on-court performance in our app to see for yourself how your training correlates directly to your in-game improvement month-to-month. Increasing your power, acceleration, endurance, speed, flexibility, and agility can transform you into an elite athlete on the field.


Financial Literacy – Budgeting For College

College or starting a career after HS is expensive - Influx provides the prep kit. HOW: Our software provides a financial guide estimating the cost of each college you choose from our academic database; WHEN: As soon as you choose colleges in the system, we will introduce you to licensed financial advisors to provide a plan so you can budget for the dream schools you choose; THE TOOLS YOU NEED - college saving plans, NIL income brand ambassador programs; THE EXTRAS: Our financial literacy program educates you on how best to;

  • Opening your first online bank account,
  • Budgeting for your first car, and
  •  Learning about investing for your future.

Academic Prep

Academic Prep – Enhancing Recruitment

Fitness alone does not take you to your dream college to play your sport – you must take care of your academics – Influx guides you to do just that. WHEN: Starting as early as middle school, you can screen in our 3000-school database with links to US colleges, their financial aid applications, and every kind of trade school to chase your dream. HOW: When you input your test scores, our system immediately estimates your likelihood of admission into every school you choose. THE TOOLS YOU NEED: You can run a tuition cost and admissions analysis for up to 10 school choices at a time, you can modify your college choices, test other school options, and access all branches of the military if that is your passion. THE EXTRAS: Our goal-setting questionnaire guides you to tutors and college counselors who help you get to the college of your choice.

Health Management

Health Management – Building Block For Winning

Our ecosystem is designed to enhance all Influx Athletes’ attributes, including their nutrition and health management. We have developed a specialized Training Table® rewards program to incentivize them to eat healthy to increase their energy, endurance and strength as they grow.

We Integrate All Your Data Tracked By Influx’s AI Engine.

We deliver to each Influx Athlete:

A personalized expert training program using our AI data resources, all your performance history, our proprietary

SportTrac™ assessment, and our unique communication interface for college and pro recruiting.

Personalized College Recruitment Matrix

Personalized College Recruitment Matrix

Periodic SportTrac™ Assessments

Periodic SportTrac™ Assessments

Athlete/Coach and Pro Scout Portal

Athlete/Coach and Pro Scout Portal

Name, Image, and Likeness

Influx Sport has created an advisory system to help its athletes navigate the complex, new world of NIL sponsorships.

Following our program will enhance NIL opportunities while limiting the risks of jeopardizing your amateur status.

  • Maximize your earning potential
  • Protect your college eligibility
  • Get access to the best NIL representation
  • Understand the rules specific to your state
  • And much more.
Name Image Likeness

Training Table ®

Training Table helps athletes to optimize their health for better fitness and sports performance by offering Training Table menu which consists of healthy options with precise nutritional information. Empowered with Training Table, Influx Sport integrates real-time nutritional and athletic performance data to provide customized health and fitness optimization programs to athletes in both on-season and off-season. 

To learn more about Training Table please visit: https://www.training-table.com/