Why Prehab Is So Important for Young Athletes

August 17, 2023
'Preparing an athlete for sports requires medical and orthopedic evaluation, assessment of fitness for competition, and education in the principles of proper training.“
Injury can pull you out of the game, the season, or worse. But did you know that a lot of injuries are preventable?
'No pain, no gain” has been a mantra for high performance sports for generations, but too much, too hard, too fast, too soon can lead to overuse of muscles and joints, which for youth athletes are still developing. One study showed that 70% of all injuries are attributed to overuse. 
How can the risk of injury be reduced? By working directly with health professionals throughout your athletic career. A physical therapist can conduct biomechanical assessments to evaluate things like range of motion, flexibility, and core and functional strength. Understanding an athlete’s balance, coordination, and symmetry of movement can identify early on things that can lead to injury. With these metrics, a physical therapist can work with the athlete and their trainers to develop a program that is safe and effective, not only improving the athlete’s performance but protecting them from medical and surgical intervention. 
Be smart about your training and get to work with a physical therapist. Don’t just go fast, go far.
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